Ears and Eyes 7"


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recorded by ROB BARBATO


released January 16, 2010



all rights reserved


AUDACITY Fullerton, California

A garage punk band from Fullerton, CA. We have just returned from our world tour of EUROPE AND JAPAN! They also play music around the country at parties and local venues.
They began as Nontoxic in 2002, where they played for their elementary school talent show. Now they tour extensively, have 2 LPS numerous, 7 inches and tape EP's.
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Track Name: Ears and Eyes
Decisions, they're not worth deciding
Is whats hidden really hiding
At the top of the secret
Or in the bottom of the truth
Where in this game, they take our youth

Follow me up the hill onto my neighbors farm
See the open fields of Ohio

While you're sitting in a classroom
You're not learning a thing
You could be running through the meadow
and hearing birds sing

I always thought this was a free world
Funny how perspectives change so fast

Its getting in my ears and eyes
Looking left and speaking right,
You can move in the order
I can't remember what you said,
Your acceptance speech was read
Preach it to the choir

In the neighbors neighborhood its all understood
No reason to hide; we're all side by side
Trash in the bleachers coffee stains on the teachers
You shine for no one, like a candle in the sun

We can talk about it later, We could speak about it now
There's some oil in the ocean and it's spilling right out, now
Track Name: Don't Be a Menace
I think I'm going crazy, I think I'm going mad
I think I'm going crazy but it doesn't make me sad

Cuz I know where you're going and I know where you go
I know where you're going with your no go ego
Track Name: Innocent Child
You have yelled at a level above my consent
I've tried to change what I do but my chain is just as tight

And you expect me to smile
Well at least I'm worth the while

You break me, you broke me, I can't raise my white flag
Spending someone elses money wasting someone elses time

Getting sick of this random shit because it ran dumb
Driving home from the babysitter you gotta tell em' no!
Track Name: What Not To Do
The newspaper reads like a script
I've read it six times before
And I have forgotten my list
Of people who fall through my door
These people who fall through my door!

What not to do
I don't know what you're gonna do
When you find out what not to do