Power Drowning


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Recorded at The Distillery in Costa Mesa by Mike McHugh


released July 4, 2008



all rights reserved


AUDACITY Fullerton, California

A garage punk band from Fullerton, CA. We have just returned from our world tour of EUROPE AND JAPAN! They also play music around the country at parties and local venues.
They began as Nontoxic in 2002, where they played for their elementary school talent show. Now they tour extensively, have 2 LPS numerous, 7 inches and tape EP's.
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Track Name: Dragging Day
You must attend our next meeting
If you want to save some time
We have built a high-speed train
From Fullerton to Anaheim

Years from now when I am dead our world will fall apart
No more water, dirty air, it seems too late to start
Fighting for our own survival, for our beating hear
It is clear that we've removed the apples from the cart

By burning up sunshine
Mercury rising high
All the flowers ask me why
Mother Earth has to die

It's so easy
There's no problem
We can devolve
Our problem's solved
Track Name: Mode
She said you were a big hit back in the 70's when you liked Rock and Roll
Please don't let me go please don't let me go to waste
I heard through the grapevine that you like to shout
But I think you're a liar and a thief

Lots of people talking of the world
Lots of people trying to leave this world
We got 5 thousand busting out tonight
When it's time for my final goodbye
I don't wanna see you fucking cry

The money in your pocket
The car, you can't lock it
It's crazy what can happen in July

When you put on your makeup smear it all over your face,
You could smear it all over and I wouldn't care
Oh baby baby please don't lower your hair
I like you in the morning, but I hate you in the evening
Oh Molly, Cassandra, ... Be.... Mine!
Track Name: Power Drowning
You've got blood on your hands
Guilty in your face
The only way to go
Is Power Drowning yeah

Listen to me, listen to me. Tell me how to die.
Power Drowning, Power Drowning. Tell me how to die

Throw em in the river
Of an unfamiliar place
Let it go and they leave without a trace
Track Name: Rama Donna
Your doctor's calling on the phone
He says you must repay your loan
But who wants to live this life alone
When what you have has just been shown

You're running out of your allies
To take you to the greatest prize
Mystery exclusive ties
Making up for in their lies

It's complicated when you're hated and control is beyond you.
Uneducated you persuaded what you never knew.
Is it safe for me to say I must diversify my hate?
Complicated complicated but it all makes up our fate.

The big event on the postcard,
Forgotten making life so hard.
When in your life will you be alone?
How long will it be till your identity is shown?
Track Name: The Feds
I want a daughter but I don't want a wife
I wanna kill but I don't got a knife

Outside my door you say I'm yours
But inside my head my engine is dead
Behave White slave inside your cage
I know you'll go sooner or later, later for sure
Track Name: S.S. Homo
Explode I'm going to explode, I can't say I don't know
Cuz you don't have the strength and I don't have the POWER
We'll go into china, we can feel it there
Bleeding down my back because you know I do not care
And you can take it back, right to the liquor store,
I know that you have been there several times before
And you dont know the difference ahhhhhh

We said can we go home and start our lives again
They said no, you've gotta go into the front line
Line em up, shoot em down, line em up, shoot em down, light em.
Can we go home?
Track Name: Sister Menthol
Track Name: This and That
Put your condom on, it's cheaper than a baby
You should never know if your son is a maybe

Quiet up above, shouting on a cloud
I don't want you talking that loud
Is this the way it should be?
Keep living in a free country

I've got dirty socks, does not say a lot
about who I am deep inside my sole

I think you need to, sit back and relax.
Working every day, paying income tax.
Are we drawing straws, our names from a hat?
Ask me what its called I say this and that
Track Name: Teenage Town
I just got back from teenage town,
I already got my cap and gown
Don't ever wanna hear the sound of me

Jimmy nickel put your drumsticks down
We're gonna take you to teenage town
People come in but they don't come out
They get lost in the twist and shout

He's got a baby got a DUI
He's as american as apple pie
I feel so shitty I've been up all night
At least I know rock and roll is right

Skate or die
Track Name: Slavery One
Once in a lifetime here's the deal
Six years old why you coppin' a feel
Little girl doesn't think that its real but it is.

When she gets older and she wants to be friends
You'll have to show her no means to an end
To the point where it's practical to rent

To your homewife living in the house
Daddy and his mistress playing cat and mouse
First thing is you have to check you blouse

Be aware and look alive
Check for the water before you dive
Little girl do you think you'll survive? I don't

I don't wanna be a slave for a girl
Living for somebody else is worse than digging your mother's grave
On the fourth of July
Slavery one, I guess I wasn't eighteen and just having fun

He hollered, she yelled, and she screamed
These things aren't as bad as they seem
With a blouse once you join our team

It's and object of my desire
Oh baby baby set my heart on fire
My brain is about to retire

That's the way it is,
That's the way it goes
When its 2008
It's your time to be great
Track Name: Price Check
I don't need your cooperation
Always giving me quick inebriation

Still I knew I'd always come on back to you
Gonna do a price check
We're gonna do a price check
Track Name: Twilight Zone
Are you alive or are you blind?
Because your stare is a state of mind
Quit pretending like you care
Rewrite the story of the tortoise and the hare

I'm outta control because I cannot forget
That all the rules apply to me.

I've got deja vu, I sware that I saw you
Meet me in the twilight zone, feel me slip away
If it's you through and through, I sware that I love you
Meet me in the twilight zone, feel me slip away

I've got this thing built for one

Hare was a hotshot
Tortoise had a gun
Tortoise shot the hare
Guess who won?
Track Name: Mr. Alvarez
Mr. Alvarez rides his bike to school
He got a DUI and we are his pupils
He tells all his kids to follow golden rules
Mr. Alvarez we are his pupils

Mr. Alvarez

What you gonna do? You've got no money in the bank,
You're wife tells you the new boat has sank
And even though its all she ever says

Mr. Alvarez has the hardest class
Even though I try, I know I'll never pass
He tells all his kids to follow golden rules
Mr. Alvarez we are his pupils.
Track Name: Cute Things People Do
Degrade your Dad on the 4th of July
Now that you know he's not that cool of a guy
Getting a taste of all of the pies
With your finger pointed at the discount price

Two at a time we can't make up our mind
Seaching all around for a reason to find
Two at a time we can't make up our mind

It's the cute things that people do

Open up a door for a lady with no hands
Find yourself a whore tell her that youve got plans
Donate to a family that has lost all that they had
It's okay to laugh even though it's pretty sad
You can make it better or you can make it worse
No matter what you do you're gonna end up in a hearse
You know its getting bad .......(??)