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Mellow Cruisers


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Indian Chief 02:16
The plans start forming, were leaving this morning With Alex, Lee Dan Cale and Sean Bohrman Packed our bags, don't be sad Trails of smoke should have been the indication Motor transportation can't circle the nation. The key is stuck, what bad luck! So we wired it hot, because its all that we got. 24 hour shift, the pressure never lifts. When its time for a deal, you know it's always a steal. When the indian chief refuses to speak. Climb inside the moonbox it's not too soon, flowers still in bloom, Texas is in its tomb! Jesus has parties when Gods out of town, Joseph and Mary are really not down. Fell from the ceiling and dripped down the stairs, Jesuses party and no ones aware!
Garza Girls 03:01
Monday morning, money to make. If you get out of bed, you wont be late, again. Closing curtains, for the sleepy girls sake. Get in the car, go to the place, see pretty girls faces. GARZA GIRLS I dont mind if the sun dont shine, I just want to see yours become mine. Hair, Dress, Suit, and Tie Ride the mountain roads into the sky. GARZA GIRLS in the pleasure business, GARZA GIRLS I was there to witness GARZA GIRLS best in the business GARZA GIRLS who could contradict this? They don't even care if you live till you're old, They don't even care if you do what you do what you're told I wondered how you felt there, When we were so high. Watching rain turn into snow then into ice. But we're almost out now, Gone all the way up. Just like the turtleneck You use to cover it up.
Im creepin around, No peep and no sound. Head touching the ground, Can't see whats been found. I cant get you outta my mind, into my head. From your room into your bed. If I cant have you I'll take me instead. Loves a rollercoaster. I've been waiting, waiting for a ride. So tired of waiting, for you that I just can't find.
Subway Girl 02:23
Met you when the bus was running You were in a uniform Said that you had something for me Waiting in your rooooom. Subway girl, I hope you'll see that your ride was never free And its your turn to pay me Met you when my nose was running Hangin out with squatter punks Wondered if you're photographic Or if im dreaming Give me your hand, I'll give you my time Well ride that subway train all night Even though youre not my type Someday girl I know you'll see All you're missing without me But I've got to let you be
I want to take you for a ride The city is so long and wide I just clocked in an extra dime Taking shits on company time This town takes you up or down If you dont like the hills you can turn around Because thats the way it is, thats how its gonna be The city doesnt change, it's only you and me The ups and downs, they're all we see You know the rocks here they're all boulders They'll take the cold off of your shoulder When you cant hardly wait to hold her First you have got to move a boulder It's like it's coming and it's going at the same time You say the wrong line when it was the right time to be with you Thats the way that I've been feeling this summer I dont know why, it's kind of a bummer being without you I'm clocking in, I take a shit, I'm clocking out!
Persecuted 03:50
I feel so persecuted My luck runs out then you appear I wish i never opened up inside you Cuz now it never ever comes in clear I hear you through the window when im waiting in your car Just cuz its stopped doesnt mean its over Run twice as fast, get half as far
Fun Spot 02:26
We'll go to the fun spot We'll leave when the fun stops So high that your ears pop and you want to stay We got stopped by a blue cop Registration ID on top We said the drive was a short hop and we flew away Grow you aint no John Doe, make it for your own sake Show everything you know, take it for your own sake We've been smiling off the same grin I can take it off of your chin We're together when it begins Melting from the start But in my brain its a game, I'm looking there and going back again, But on return im still the same I still know your name
Decisions, they're not worth deciding Is whats hidden really hiding At the top of the secret Or in the bottom of the truth Where in this game, they take our youth Follow me up the hill onto my neighbors farm See the open fields of Ohio While you're sitting in a classroom You're not learning a thing You could be running through the meadow and hearing birds sing I always thought this was a free world Funny how perspectives change so fast Its getting in my ears and eyes Looking left and speaking right, You can move in the order I can't remember what you said, Your acceptance speech was read Preach it to the choir In the neighbors neighborhood its all understood No reason to hide; we're all side by side Trash in the bleachers coffee stains on the teachers You shine for no one, like a candle in the sun We can talk about it later, We could speak about it now There's some oil in the ocean and it's spilling right out, now
Chili 02:56
Say a prayer for my friends on the journey to the end Can't say that they're coming back again Running down the alleys of sin Thats the way that they want it to be, Free people in a free country Free people but theyre living no more With no military there'll be no war Founding fathers in their graves They're finding it hard to believe In the United States of shock Where they're turning off your clock Removing constitution So we can have some fun tonight
Extensions 03:24
There's no more second extension for me to sleep on No comfort in the cushion, has it really been that long? I know that I could get the money, but I'd rather lose my job Contributing to the cest pool, your court systems got me robbed Are you working for justice? are you really keeping the peace? I know that you offer protection, but you're not protecting me. Did you catch the bad guys working with the police? My wallet is empty and I havent got what I need IT'S WHAT I NEED IT'S WHAT I NEED IT"S WHAT I NEED


Recorded at Future Perfect studios with Rob Barbato and Benji Pacheco!!!

Read our lyrics to learn more!!

The Fullerton quartet Audacity could have been just another semi-anonymous pop-punk bunch, if only it had put a little less creativity into the music on its second album.
Instead, the band attacks its rough-hewn but unshakably melodic songs from a variety of angles while always retaining its anarchic spirit throughout the album's too-short 29 minutes.


released July 10, 2012

Considerable credit should go to producer Rob Barbato, who has captured sharply defined guitars that ripple, sparkle and sting while driving both the band's kinetic outbursts and its more complex moments.



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AUDACITY Fullerton, California

A garage punk band from Fullerton, CA. We have just returned from our world tour of EUROPE AND JAPAN! They also play music around the country at parties and local venues.
They began as Nontoxic in 2002, where they played for their elementary school talent show. Now they tour extensively, have 2 LPS numerous, 7 inches and tape EP's.
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